Biking the East Coast Greenway

Over 2 months I will be biking from the entire eastern seaboard on the East Coast Greenway from the Canadian Border of Maine to Key West Florida. I will bike 15 states, ~450 cities, and ~3,000 miles! The terrain is paved bike paths, back roads, and some unpaved path sections.

Day 1: Calais, ME—> Addison, ME

Day 1: Addison, ME—> Belmont, ME

Day 3: Belmont, ME—> Harpswell, ME

Published by Caroline

I am a full time school counselor in Brooklyn, NY and love to travel in the summer. My love of travelling started when I spent a month travelling in China in 2006. It was solidified when I studied and worked in Barcelona and Malaga, Spain. Both provided me a homebase while travelling around Europe with friends. Now living in NYC, I take any opportunity to get out of town and see some place new. I want to inspire you to travel on any budget and understand more deeply the cultures that you visit (some of which you do not need to leave your own city to experience!)

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